Eat that frog from Pomodoro:

Pomodoro is a very famous technique which is used to deal with Procrastination and to develop a habit of getting things done on time by using time-management strategy.Procrastination is our barrier towards success and it inhibits us from working with full potential.It became our habit to start work right before the deadline arrives.

Eating that frog:

Eating that frog means just to do it, otherwise the frog will eat you meaning that you’ll end up procrastinating it the whole day..

It’s really true that i always suffered from procrastination…I will do it,I will do it…just thinking this,time flies away,and the work remains to be undone.Therefore,i thought to practice this technique under following steps:

1: Identify the task to do:

First of all,i thought about the task which i had to complete today..and that was i had to prepare notes of mathematics for students.It’s been a week I’m trying to do this task,but couldn’t manage the time…

2:Set the Timer:

I set the timer of 25 minutes according to Pomodoro technique and start working.

3:Work on the task:

I continue working on the task until the timer rings.. I turned off my internet connection on cellphone,so i wouldn’t get disturbed.And that was just amazing.

4:Break time:

The timer rings,and i took 5 min break..but actually that wasn’t break,i done my work in that time☺️


It was actually the great experience,as I couldn’t manage the time to do the lil task,and by following this technique,i could do my work with full concentration in a very short time👍